Technology & Applied Studies

The TAS Faculty aims to develop a student's ability in designing, making and evaluating quality solutions that respond to identified opportunities and needs.  Students learn to safely use and select materials, equipment and processes. Through practical experiences students develop, select and apply skills involved in designing and producing a variety of products.

We offer the following curriculum to all students from Year 7 to Year 10:

Stage 4

Technology Mandatory

This a mandatory course and as such every student studies this course. Several design projects are undertaken over the course of years 7 and 8. The students are exposed to areas such as timber, metals, graphics, food, textiles and computers. Students complete practical projects accompanied by design folios.

Stage 5

These courses are offered as electives. Students choose a variety of subjects that interest them.  We offer these courses:

Industrial Technology - Timber

Industrial Technology – Metal

Graphics Technology

Food Technology

Child Studies